Choose from our Neve or Auditronics analog EQ's!  Please specify your approx settings and desired effect since this one is pretty subjective!  As always, our engineers will adjust to taste.


BAE Neve 1023


With the amp from the 1073 an expanded EQ section, this is the warmest and cleanest EQ we've got.  Aside from simply offering more frequency settings to play with, these expanded EQ sections also allow you to play the mid bell curve directly against the high and low shelves where they overlap. This capability opens the tone shaping possibilities in very interesting and musical ways.  Beautiful overall EQ!


Auditronics 110A EQ


Inductor based EQs with an extremely musical tone!  We've got 18 channels of these here at MooseCat.  Although more limited in frequency choices compared with the Neve, they excel nonetheless.  Awesome on drums, guitars, vocals, and everything in between.


EQ Type