MooseCat Virtual Studio

Welcome to the beta version of MooseCat's Virtual Recording Studio! 

Ever wanted to use real analog gear instead of plug-in emulations?  There's nothing like the real thing, and now MooseCat Recording is bringing the sound of the studio into your home.  

Run your home recordings through any of our gear here at MooseCat!


Here's how it works:

Simply choose what equipment of ours you want to use, upload your files with any pertinent notes and guidelines, and we send you back the processed files.  We understand that one size does not fit all, so our engineers will follow your guidelines and adjust to taste.  So while we're living in a virtual world, you'll still get that human touch required to get the best sound possible.  You can even "attend" your session and listen and chat with us in real time! 

Session musicians, monthly subscriptions, and help with your home studio setup, are also available!  

Get that analog sound from the comfort of your home in just a few easy steps:

1) Make An Account

2) Choose Your Analog Processing, Service or Session Musician Below

3) Upload Files / Stems

4) We Upload Tracks Back To You!

Contact Mike at 347-668-4640 or if you have questions or want help getting set up. 

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